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Bob Bayless is a third generation musician whose Native American grandfather was invited to play with John Phillips Sousa, unheard of at the time. Bob became a professional musician at thirteen, playing various instruments in numerous original and copy bands and was a Music Major in college. His music is an eclectic mix of influences from rock-n-roll sensibilities through classic film scoring techniques gleaned from ten years working with renowned composer Jerry Goldsmith.

Bob has composed a number of film scores, including music for the award-winning shorts “Misconnect” and “The Rib”, the latter which screened at the Cannes Film Festival and which he also produced. His music has appeared in diverse projects such as “Looney Tunes 2: Back In Action” and “Howard Hughes: The Real Aviator”. For the award-winning, native-American-themed Sundance premier, “Christmas In The Clouds”, he arranged, performed and recorded a number of Christmas carols to reflect his own native American roots and included previously recorded vocals of his late grandfather singing and vintage dancing bells that he had inherited.

Bob has numerous credits in music editorial on block-buster films such as the Harrison Ford starrer, “Airforce One”, Joe Dante’s “Small Soldiers”, Stephen Sommer’s “The Mummy”, and two Star Trek movies among many others. He received a MPSE Golden Reel nomination for Disney’s animated feature film, “Mulan”.

In addition to his music credits, Bob’s feature film experience includes sound design, dialog editing, and mixing, as well as picture editorial. Bob is a factory certified Red camera digital ingest technician (or DIT) and he has edited several internet series. He is partner in Hollywood Dell Digital Studios, a creative boutique editing company formed to provide organic post workflows for indie filmmakers on a budget.

His music background includes too many bands and performances to mention. Notably, he first worked with partner Mary Ann Skweres in the multi-media band, “Hollywood Winged Rats” that combined computers and video playback in a live setting. Together they produced and hosted the Underground Music Series, “Couch Concert” (some of which can be seen on this website in the Vintage Vaults). Couch Concert featured unsigned local Hollywood bands. A techie at heart, he produced and starred in the “Technician Musician”, a series of short technical how-to videos for musicians and more recently, wrote tech stories and interviews for the industry magazine “Below The Line”. For years in the ‘80s he manufactured his own line of electric guitars from his 24 hour repair-music shop, where he lived and hosted weekly (and often daily) jam sessions that included locals that went on to play in the bands ”Great White”, “Wall Of Vodoo”, “Quiet Riot”, “The Coasters”, “Oingo Boingo”, and “Motley Crue” among others.

Bob’s Songs “Divine Inspiration” & “Backstreet Musical: Marauder”

are available for sale on iTunes and

Mary Ann and Bob as Zombie extras in “NIGHT OF THE DEAD”

Hollywood Dell Digital Studio (323) 856-0198

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